ZOE African Orphans

Empowering Orphans in Africa through ZOE Ministry

Duck United Methodist Church is committed to transforming the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda.  Through ZOE children are empowered to grow their own food, start small businesses, learn about health and hygiene, enroll in school, and strengthen their relationship with God. 

Bright Future, Hope, and Smart Groups - ZOE 5

During a trip to Rwanda in February 2017, the Duck Church ZOE team met the orphans from the Bright Future, Hope, and Smart working groups. Several orphans shared their sad stories of isolation, hunger, and poverty. However, just visiting with them brought smiles to their faces and hope that God might change their future. Take a look at the ZOE 5 Slideshow below to see some of the orphans Duck Church hopes to sponsor in 2017, and listen to stories from Claudine, Rosine, and Leoncia. Also, click here to check out the report about the new Rwamiko neighborhood.

Adopt an Orphan

If you would like to sponsor one of these orphans from the Bright Future, Hope and Smart Working Groups, it only costs $350 for one child to go through the entire 3 year program, and they will graduate empowered to care for their own needs.  Please prayerfully consider making a commitment.  You don't have to pay in full until the end of the year.  If you would like to sponsor an orphan, click the donate now button above, or contact the church office, office@duckchurch.org or 252-261-1525.

Ruhango Neighborhood - ZOE 4

Duck Church began sponsoring the Ruhango Neighborhood in February 2016. There are 89 households and 254 orphans in this neighborhood. See the videos of Gedeon, the Market Girls, and Jean Paul as examples of how ZOE has changed the lives of orphans in this neighborhood. You can also read the written report about Ruhango by Clicking Here.

Save Neighborhood - ZOE 3

Duck Church started sponsoring the Save (pronounced "sav-a" with a long "a" sound) Neighborhood in 2015. These orphans were only in their second meeting, and their need was still desperate. Up to that point, these orphans had no sponsoring church, so Duck Church stepped in to meet their needs. After a 2 years in the ZOE program, these orphans have progressed from poverty to pride, from desperation to joy. There are 89 households and 254 orphans in this neighborhood. See videos below from the Save Neighborhood: Claudine, Beggars to Bosses, and Olivier's Poem. You can also read a report about the Save Neighborhood by Clicking Here.

Nyamiryaga Neighborhood - ZOE 2

Duck Church began sponsoring the Nyamiryaga Neighborhood in the spring of 2014. There are 3 working groups of orphans in this neighborhood, totaling 71 households and 231 children: the Abakoranabushake “Volunteers” working group, the Abahizi “Courageous” Working Group, and the Tuzamurane “Lift Up One Another” Working Group. This group graduated in 2016.

Below you can watch the video of the Nyamiryaga Neighborhood to see how Duck Church is making a difference in that area. You can also read a report about this neighborhood by Clicking Here.

Dushyigikirane (Cooperation) Neighborhood - ZOE 1

Duck UMC began sponsoring the Dushyigikirane neighborhood in 2012.  These 83 families which include 151 children graduated from the program at the end of 2014 being totally self-sufficient. Below, you will see a video of a Sewing Group who are running a successful business without any financial assistance from ZOE.