Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn provides a gift that is more than a meal or a bed for the night--it's an expression of love and a glimmer of hope for those who feel they have no place left to go. This is a Dare County-wide sheltering of homeless persons during the colder times of the year. Churches from Duck to Wanchese offer food, comfort and warmth on a rotational basis to those in need. Many churches arrange it one week at a time, but we at DUMC provide it two weeks in succession.

Our guests (both men and women) are brought to the church around 6 PM and they are joined in fellowship at a hot, nourishing dinner prepared by our church family. They are provided bedding and then sleep in our Sunday School rooms. Breakfast is served by more volunteers and the guests pack their own bag lunch from church provided provisions. Church members serve the meals and staff the building overnight. This is a big endeavor -- we potentially could use approximately 125 volunteers to offer this 14-day ministry. There is a great success rate of these guests re-joinging society as productive members of the community.