Joshua's Men Incubator

Joshua's Men is a group of men who meet on Tuesday nights to hold one another accountable for spiritual growth, love each other, pray together, and brainstorm together about ways to develop new relationships with unchurched people.   

Operational Incubator

Pastor John's Operational Team is an incubator of ministry team leaders who gather weekly to hold one another accountable for spiritual growth, love each other, pray together, and brainstorm together about ways to improve each of the areas we lead.  The Incubator itself has zero formal authority; it is more of a "think tank." Just now, the members include the chairs of: Reach, Connect, Equip, Serve, Ad.Council, SPRC, Finance, Prayer Ministries, a Stephen Ministry Leader, a Trustee, and the Youth Pastor.

Prayer Ministry Incubator

The Prayer Ministry Incubator seeks to develop holy habits through study and practice of prayer. The group was formed using the one request made by the disciples to Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray . . ." (Luke 11:1). The Prayer Warriors grow spiritually by reading both Scripture and books on prayer in addition to private, quiet prayer and group audible prayer. The mission of the Prayer Ministry is to make fully devoted followers of Christ through the practice and teaching of prayer.

The group meets as a loving, learning and leading (3L) incubator. Each member is held accountable for spiritual growth and praying for one another. Prayers blanket the church and congregation extending to the community, nation and world. The Prayer Warriors are called to pray for others. These petitions are made on behalf of others at the altar, in the pews, in class rooms and meetings, at home, on the beach, on the go.

This ministry is for you. You may request prayer by using the prayer request insert in the bulletin or by calling the church office at 261-1525.

Special Needs Ministry Incubator

Our Mission is: “To make disciples within the disabled community by demonstrating Christ’s love and equipping the congregation to minister to their special needs so that all might fellowship, worship, and serve.”  The Bible tells us that all people are created in the image of God, all people are called by God, all people have special gifts, and all people are invited to participate in God’s ministry.  Programs are being developed to accommodate individuals with special needs and the needs of their family members.  If you or a family member has a special need, please make us aware of it by completing the Survey of Special Needs located in the narthex.